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10 Gb/s High-Sensitivity High-Gain APD Optical Receiver with Optional CDR

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The DSC-R604-APD is a high-gain APD (avalanche photodiode) + Transimpedance + Limiting amplifier ideally suited for digital applications up to 11 Gb/s. The R604-APD offers a high optical sensitivity of -27.5dBm, an optical dynamic range > 27dB, differential transimpedance gain of 12,000 ohms, a decision threshold adjustment function and very low power dissipation of 200mW.

The R604-APD is available in both module and Lab Buddy instrument forms. Three module package styles are available: differential GPPO, single-ended K-connector, and a miniature surface mount package with CPW (coplanar waveguide) RF outputs. In Lab Buddy instrument form, an optional clock and data recovery (CDR) unit is available which provides a 3R (receive, reshape, retime) solution with a jitter tolerance of 0.6 UIp-p and conveniently interfaces with bit error rate (BER) test stations.

Fig1: DSC-R604-APD High-Sensitivity High-Gain APD Optical Receiver

For busy test stations or student labs, where users of different experience levels might be handling high value opto-electronics that are easily damaged by mishandling, order your photodiode to be mounted in the Lab Buddy

Fig2: APD Lab buddy with CDR

FIg3: Typical 10 Gb/s BER Curve
 (1550nm, M = 10, 231-1 PRBS, 13 dB Ext. Ratio)

Salient Features:
  • High Optical Sensitivity of -27.5 dBm at 10 Gb/s
  • Wide Optical Dynamic Range > 27dB at 10 Gb/s
  • High differential transimpedance gain of 12,000 ohms
  • Decision threshold adjustment to minimize BER
  • GPPO, K-connector or surface mount package options
  • Very low power dissipation of 200mW
  • Low optical PDL @ 1550nm (typically 0.05dB)
  • High reliability InGaAs APD, transimpedance amplifier and packaging
  • CDR option with 0.6UIp-p jitter tolerance
  • Metro and Long Haul 10 Gb/s
  • DWDM systems
  • Digital applications up to 11 Gb/s baud rate
  • High sensitivity / wide dynamic range digital applications
  • Free space optical communication links
  • Test and Measurement
Available Models:
  • DSC-R604APD - 10 Gb/s high-gain APD + Transimpedance + Limiting Amplifier Optical Receiver
  • DSC-R604APD - 10 Gb/s high-gain APD + Transimpedance + Limiting Amplifier Optical Receiver with optional CDR

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