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40G DPSK DQPSK Balanced Optical Receivers

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The DSC-R410 balanced receiver product family is ideally suited for a variety of applications up to 44 Gb/s such as DPSK, DQPSK and Dual-Polarization DPSK. The R410 is available in two module configurations: single balanced receiver and integrated dual-polarization receiver. Both of these module configurations are also available as Discovery's Lab Buddy instruments.
The base R410 module consists of a pair of balanced photodiodes and a high-gain limiting transimpedance amplifier, which also has a unique peak detector function. The R410 has a very high conversion gain of 1800 V/W, excellent OSNR performance and operation up to +2dBm optical input power. The R410 is available with differential GPPO RF outputs and utilizes Discovery's high-reliability InGaAs photodiode technology.
The R410 is also available as a highly-integrated Dual-Polarization module consisting of a polarization beam splitter (PBS), delay line interferometer (DLI) and two balanced receivers. This module has excellent dual-polarization OSNR performance, a tapped optical output monitor and a DLI temperature tuning feature.

DSC-R410: 40 Gb/s High-Gain Balanced Optical Receivers

Fig1: DSCR-410

DSC-R410 - 42.8 Gb/s RZ-DPSK BER vs. OSNR Plot

Fig2: 42.8 Gb/s RZ-DPSK BER vs. OSNR:
{0dBm Optical Input each PD}

Salient Features:


Demodulated 48 Gb/s RZ-DQPSK Eye Pattern for DSC-R410

Fig3: Demodulated 48 Gb/s RZ-DQPSK Eye Pattern

X Axis: 10 ps/divY Axis: 100 mV/div

Available Models:

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