Discovery Semiconductors manufactures photodetectors and balanced photoreceivers for 10 Gb, 40Gb, and 100 Gb applications.

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High Optical Power Handling InGaAs Photodiodes to 50 GHz

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The DSC10H and DSC20H are hermetically sealed, high reliability, low harmonic distortion photodiode modules designed for high optical power applications. The devices are well suited for receiver applications with optical preamplification and have a small physical footprint.

DSC10H/DSC20H - High Optical Power Handling InGaAs Photodiodes to 50 GHz         DSC10H and DSC20H Lab Buddy. For busy test stations or student labs, where users of different experience levels might be handling high value opto-electronics that are easily damaged by mishandling, order your photodiode to be mounted in the Lab Buddy
  • 43 Gb/s Eye Diagram at +10dBm Optical Power
    Discovery Semiconductors DSC10H 43Gb per second eye diagram of Discoverys High Optical Power Handling Photodiodes with +10dBm Average Optical Power and a wide wavelength range for applications such as LIDAR, RF Links over Fiber and Front End O/E Converters.
  • Photodiode Linearity at 43 Gb/s
    Discovery Semiconductors High Optical Power Handling Photodiodes Linearity at 43Gb per second. These photodiodes have low PDL, low Group Delay, and low Harmonic Distortion.

Salient Features:

  • High Optical Power Delivers up to 500 mVpp Output
  • Lowest PDL (typical 0.05 dB)
  • Useable spectral wavelength range of 1064-1650 nm
  • Low Group Delay
  • Low Harmonic Distortion
  • Small Footprint & High Reliability
  • Bellcore GR-468 Qualified
  • One device for multiple wavelengths reduces operational & inventory costs


  • Optically Amplified Systems
  • RZ, NRZ, Super FEC Formats to 43 Gb/s
  • Low Distortion, High Dynamic Range Analog RF Links over Fiber
  • Rapid Doppler-Shift LIDAR Measurements
  • Coherent Lightwave Systems
  • Ideal Front-End O/E Converter for Test Instruments
DSC10H/DSC20H Frequency Response Curves

Frequency Response Curves

Available Models:

  • DSC10H - 42+ GHz High Optical Power Handling Photodiodes
  • DSC20H - 32+ GHz High Optical Power Handling Photodiodes
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